When you first log into Magpi+, you'll be at the form list, showing you all the forms that you've created, or that others have shared with you.

To view other functions, you can either:

  1. tap on the "hamburger" menu in the top left (the three stacked lines icon), or
  2. place your finger on the left screen border, and swipe to the right

Either way, you'll then be looking at the side menu.

Side Menu

The side menu includes these functions:

  • Sync – tapping the Sync command will make the app attempt to immediately upload any un-uploaded data to the Magpi website.
  • Settings – brings you to the Settings Screen, below
  • Email support – brings you to the phone's email app and opens a new email to Magpi Support (support@magpi.com)
  • Logout – logs you out of Magpi

If you tap Settings, you'll see the Settings page


And here are the possible settings:

  • Sort forms – the order in which the form list is sorted
    • Alphabetically
    • By recent data – the forms that have been used most recently will be at the top
  • Question Options
    • Hide skipped – if selected, skipped questions are hidden. If unselected, skipped questions are disabled, but visible.
  • Sync Options
    • Only Sync with Wifi – if this setting is turned on, the app will not attempt to sync data unless it detects a wifi connection. This can save battery life, as the app normally attempts to upload any un-uploaded data every few hours. Learn more about syncing in Magpi+
  • Language
    • English
    • Español (Spanish)
    • Français (French)
    • Português (Portuguese)
    • 普通话 (Mandarin Chinese)

Learn more about Magpi Plus.