The capabilities of a sub-account are similar to those of a Pro account with the exception that for a sub-account, all upload and messaging credits are charged to the Enterprise account. Read more here.

Some of the attractive feature for both of these accounts cover these:

  1. Can create forms with over 100 questions.
  2. Can include Questions such as image, Subforms to their own forms.
  3. Should be able to share a form with more than 15 users.
  4. Ability to export a copy of your form in the Xform format.
  5. Ability to generate a standard report.

It is important to note that a sub-account does not hold the capability to create copies of a report, even if these are reports owned by their Enterprise/Umbrella account. Only Enterprise users can make copies of a report, or combine elements from more than one report. More on this in this article.